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Carlton Theatre Group (Carlton) is a non-professional dramatic society.  Although you do not have to pay to audition for any Carlton production, if you are successful and obtain a part, Carlton require you to become a member and pay a performance fee.

Full Membership is £40 per annum, and entitles you to take part in our plays and other Carlton activities including voting at our annual general meeting.  Associate membership, often appropriate for those who wish to take part in our activities in supporting roles but not as performers, is £20 per annum. Once you have submitted the form below, someone from the committee will be in touch to arrange for your membership to be paid. Once you have received this information, you have two weeks to carry out the payment.

Performance fees are for contributions towards production costs, such as hire of rehearsal rooms, costumes, props, etc. The fees are proportionate to the size of the part in which you have been cast.  Large and small parts will be designated by the Director at the time of auditions. The Performance fee for a large part is £50 and for a small part is £20.

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