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The Hothouse

Written by Harold Pinter

Directed by Joe McLoughlin

Tuesday 11th - Saturday 15th August 2020

Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre


It is Christmas Day and a mysterious death and an unexpected birth are troubling Roote, the director of a government 'rest home'. Who the patients are and what they might be suffering from, we never discover, but as the unstable, megalomaniacal and terminally insecure Roote begins to investigate, we find that the other members of staff are as mad and as dangerous as the people they are supposed to be helping.....


From Nobel Prize-Winning playwright Harold Pinter and Carlton Theatre Group comes a comedy filled with bureaucracy, cake and dread….


A Bunch of Amateurs

Written by Ian Hislop & Nick Newman 

Directed by Val Foskett

Tuesday 10th - Saturday 14th November 2020

Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre


Fading American action movie star Jefferson Steel is trying to revive his flagging career, when his agent suggests going to England to "do Shakespeare". He arranges for Jefferson to play the lead in King Lear in Stratford, where he arrives to a big press reception. 

He soon discovers that he won't be performing with the RSC at Stratford-upon-Avon, but with the local Am Dram society in the village of Stratford St John in Suffolk who are desperate to raise money to save their converted barn theatre.

Hilarity ensues as Jefferson's personality and experience clashes with that of the eclectic group of amateur acting enthusiasts. The perfect comedy for fans of Am Dram!