How do I find out about Carlton?
    The simplest way is to come along on a rehearsal night and meet us and, of course, read this website.

When and where do you meet?
    On Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:30pm at the William Morris Rooms, 267 The Broadway, Wimbledon,
SW19 1SD. Details on how to find us are here.

Do I have to audition to join?
    No, Carlton does not have auditions for membership, but does hold auditions for parts in each major production.

When’s the best time to join?
    Whenever you like! But bear in mind that if you arrive just when a big show has been cast, there may not be much else happening – check the
Future Productions page for details of upcoming production or Socials And Workshops for details of other activities. But don’t let that stop you getting stuck in whenever you like – come down and meet us!

I’ve just seen your website for the first time, but have missed the auditions, is there anything for me to do?
    There are often activities running in parallel with each main production to get involved with, like workshops, rehearsed readings and social events. Also, each production needs work behind the scenes to help it run smoothly. You may like to get involved with that.

We’re a radio/television production company making a programme about amateur drama – can we do something with the Carlton?
    Your request will be considered by the Carlton’s committee. Contact us here.

We’re a company looking for actors for a play/film/television programme. Would any of your members be interested?
    Requests will be circulated around the membership - when asking please include an address and telephone number so members can contact you individually. Contact us here.

We’re a drama group with a website too. Would you be able to put a link to us on your site?
    We'd be happy to if you put a link to ours in exchange.

I’ve been to see one of your shows, and I think ??? is a real dish – can you introduce me?
    What do you think we are – a dating agency?! Contact us and we’ll pass it on. Promise.